In 2010, he met two adult males. It would seem that follow the path already defined professional. It turned out, however, that in May a common dream and decided to implement them. In this way, the company TISSOTOYS specializing in the production of action figures.

Our products are new to the market, and collectible toy industry. Our goal is to implement the most secret dreams and calling smile on the faces of large and small children, as well as recalling memories of older generations. Collecting miniatures TISSOTOYS allows you to create unique collections. Playing them is not forgotten experience! All products TISSOTOYS combines high quality, safety and modern styling.

Our figures are not just toys of the cult heroes of fairy tales and comic books, it is also, and perhaps above all, wonderful moments of childhood for generations. To stimulate awareness of the historical, stop the memories of adults and stir the imagination of the children is a collection of characters from timeless, well-known and popular fairy tales, comics, novels and literary figures connected with the history of Polish and Europe.


The result of two years of the ongoing preparatory stage of the production are toys , which with remarkable fidelity and solicitude reproduce their prototypes . Exceptional detail achieved as a result of close cooperation with licensors , historians and fanklubami from design through prototyping , to manually painting the final product. Precision and accuracy of form and exceptional attention to detail will fully satisfy the needs of children, parents and collectors.


Bearing in mind the health and safety of our youngest customers control toys manufactured by us is carried out at every stage of their formation . Figurines are made of high quality plastic ATPC , they have certificates and attestations required by the new Directive of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2009 / 48 / EC on the safety of toys . All our toys have been tested by the notified body - Research Institute " KOMAG " - for compliance with the standards EN 71 and received a positive opinion . Under current regulations they have been classified as toys intended for children over 2 or 3 years old.


Children quickly learn through play and this is what we have in mind to create all of our collections . World figures TISSOTOYS is great fun and education , supporting a harmonious and comprehensive development of the child and developing his imagination and creativity .

We are convinced that the passion and flowing with the philosophy of the company TISSOTOYS that the center always puts safety, needs and satisfaction of the child , will bring all the great satisfaction and measurable benefits.


On offer you the figures from the collection Heroes of History . With misternemu execution , attention to detail and fidelity transfers of historical figures serve as both great educational toys and exhibits valuable collectibles.

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